Friday, January 14, 2011

Another well-spent day

Ah yes, I met up with my friend Jen at the local "tunnels" playcenter. She brought her little boy, Archer, and I brought my 4 year old, Madison. About two hours of popcorn, free coffee, and ring pops for the kids lots of talking.

We haven't seen each other in, oh for forever, well a month. Last time was just before Christmas (she lives in Hillsboro), Jen's my best friend. We have lots in common, shared faith, a deep love for children. And a commitment to nurture the friendship, whenever we find the time.

She brought me the sweetest gifts, and I should've really taken a picture. Here, a 3-wicked scented candle (vanilla blackberry, I mean black currant vanilla...) and a lotion from that Bath & Body Works, aromatherapy. Plus, and this is the clincher.

Instead of a pack of my Senseos, she brought coffee pods with creamers, only by a different manufacturer. Can't just swap coffees with any single-serving coffee brewers. She's going to return them and get me the right ones, though I insisted she shouldn't.

But she will, and we'll meet up again in a month or so.

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