Friday, May 7, 2010

Right place, right time

Do you ever feel your life is happening at exactly the pace that is good for your soul? That's how I feel today, and most of last week actually, as I enjoy the bounty of my home life that surrounds me. A well-oiled machine, and I'm also the cog inspector? How righteous is that.

Having less pressure than some, other than smiling graciously as my Americanos are delivered, and feeling blessed that flowers can arrive before Mother's Day, because they often do...well, they did this time. Planning meals, honoring children, life's purpose is being fulfilled.

Occasionally I sense dissent in the ranks of my fellow women (not all yet friends) as they compare and contrast each life's achievements. Measuring status or success as if it belonged on a shared scale, instead of simply being predestined, as sure as God's plan.

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