Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not much

Other than the school year's whips and whirls, the starts and stops that are continuous...the prayers that insist 3 day weeks, they come sooner and more often. I'm at a standstill. Watching for inspiration that comes in the form of weather, the peeks underneath all that snow, tremendous views of heavenly green.

Thanks to living in North Dakota, we've suffered through blasts of 40 below weather, that comes and stays, then barely leaves except to hover slightly closer to zero. Painful to say the least. As I stay inside or force myself outward to pick kids up or run errands, I cringe it's no fun.

When my plans can begin, we'll be barbecuing and park-going. Attending those camps, and that performing arts opportunity for Lauren. Plus library programs and swimming, soaking up sun and meet-ups with friends. After months and months of waiting, our newborn arrives to drip in our love.

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