Monday, February 7, 2011


I returned from the grocery store after a well-spent, efficient trip. Got every item on my list and luckily without trying. Began in the's Taylor's birthday, do I get KidzBop 19 or Taylor Swift's old CD Fearless. Kidz Bop, apparently.

But it's when I got home that I amazed myself most. I picked up my kids, then admired my purchases, and here's just the breads:

2 packs hot dog buns (bought those no-nitrate Angus weiners, Oscar Mayer)

2 loaves brown bread (New England to be exact)

Then, a pack of petite kaiser rolls (until I learn to make them myself), for deli meats upon deli meats, upon cheeses.

Oh, just a little black forest ham paired eagerly with imported Austrian Swiss ($9.99/ 1/2 lb cheese w/ every 1-1/2 lb meat purchase, Archer Farms). And some oven roasted turkey with friendly muenster (a whole pound!)

What surprised me as I layed my goods before me, was the basil and feta I needed for tonight's Balsamic Chicken Noodle heaven with pesto.

And I'm developing a new relationship with my freezer.

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